• Clogged gutters can create water overflow into the fascia boards of your home. This may create rot which is costly to repair or replace.
  • The number of gutter cleanings recommended depends upon the number of trees on or near your property.
  • Gutters and leaders are made of materials that can be painted to the color of your choice.
  • Water from damaged or leaking gutters may create cracks in the foundation.
  • Detached or visibly damaged gutters are red flags for real estate agents, home buyers, appraisers, insurance and home inspectors, which can impact the value of your home.
  • What seems to be a small animal nest in your gutter can turn into a big problem if it goes ignored.
  • It can take less than a day to take down and install a new gutter system for your home.
  • Clogged or leaky gutters are one of the biggest causes of basement leaks, mold and other foundation problems.
  • Standing water clogged in your gutters is one of the common places mosquitoes breed.
  • Modern technology allows Gutter installers to use hidden hangers with 3″ screws in place of nails, which eliminates the detachment of the gutter from the fascia board and the look of rusty spikes.


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